In 1975, John Lennon appeared at the WFIL studios in Philadelphia to raise money for charity. He answered phones and took pledges during the entire all-weekend event. John appeared outside once every hour to sign autographs for donations as little as one dollar. Anyone could get his autograph very easily. There were several young ladies with WFIL identification that collected the donations and brought the items to him to be signed. Once signed, he would pass it back. It was a magical weekend in which John was able to personally connect with thousands of fans. Many feel this appearance helped prevent John from being deported. Offered here is an extremely rare autographed acoustic guitar from that magical weekend. This is the only authentic John Lennon signed guitar we have ever seen! This historical item would be the crown jewel of any collection.
Offered at $29,995.00

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John Lennon Autographed Guitar
John Lennon Autographed Guitar